Cyfrifiadureg a Chymraeg (i ddechreuwyr)

BSc Cyfrifiadureg a Chymraeg (i ddechreuwyr) Cod M6P1 Diwrnodau Ymweld i Ymgeiswyr Diwrnodau Ymweld i Ymgeiswyr

Ymgeisio Nawr

Prif Ffeithiau

Cod M6P1
  • Tariff UCAS

    104 - 120

  • Hyd y Cwrs

    4 blwyddyn

  • Cyfrwng Cymraeg


Manylion pellach ynglŷn â'r gofynion mynediad

Ymgeisio Nawr

The Computer Science and Welsh (Beginners) scheme, at Aberystwyth University, offers you the opportunity to develop professional skills in Computing along with high competency in Welsh.

Even if your starting with very limited or no previous knowledge of the language, research-led staff will help you develop your understanding and fluency in both the spoken and written.

Core Computer Science modules include: operating systems, telecommunications, database management, HCI, agile methodologies and object orientation and the Welsh Department is the oldest and largest of department of its kind in Wales.

Bodlonrwydd Myfyrwyr Cyffredinol a Chanlyniadau Cyflogadwyedd

Ymhlith y 15 uchaf yn y DU am Ragolygon Graddedigion (canlyniadau cyflogaeth) ym maes Cyfrifiadureg (Canllaw Prifysgolion Da y 'Times' a'r 'Sunday Times' 2019).

93% boddhad cyffredinol yn yr Adran Gyfrifiadureg (ACF 2019)

98% o’n graddedigion mewn gwaith a/neu astudiaethau pellach o fewn chwe mis ar ôl graddio, 8% yn uwch na graddedigion Cyfrifiadureg yn genedlaethol. (HESA 2018*)

Ymhlith y 5 uchaf yn y DU ym maes Astudiaethau Celtaidd (Canllaw Prifysgolion Da y 'Times' a'r 'Sunday Times' 2019).

100% boddhad cyffredinol i Adran y Gymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd (ACF 2019)

100% o’n graddedigion mewn gwaith a/neu astudiaethau pellach o fewn chwe mis ar ôl graddio, 7% yn uwch na graddedigion Cymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd yn genedlaethol. (HESA 2018*)


This BSc joint honours degree programme in Computer Science and Welsh offers a stimulating combination of an economically and commercially important technological discipline with a firm grounding in Welsh language and literature. 

Why study Computer Science and Welsh at Aberystwyth?

Our computer science courses are accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS) on behalf of the Engineering Council, which means that they meet industry standards and requirements, giving you a head start when you enter the competitive jobs market. Coupling this with a good standard of Welsh will provide an important additional edge in Welsh industry, public services and government where bilingual systems and customer interaction is necessary. 

The Department is also designated a Centre of Excellence by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Department of Enterprise, Innovation and Networks and in the most recent Research Excellence Framework comparison (REF2014) the Department produced more world-leading (4*) and internationally excellent (3*) research than any other university in Wales. REF 2014 also assessed the impact of research on society, industry and government policy and the Department delivered 100% of its research impact at the top 3* and 4* level, demonstrating that our research makes a real difference in the world outside academia.

Many of our Computer Science staff are working at the frontiers of their disciplines and have significant experience in industry, often working in co-operation with major international companies, so you can confident that you will be learning the very latest concepts and working with cutting-edge technologies. 

As you would expect from a major research department, the facilities available to you are excellent. As well as teaching laboratories equipped with high-performance multimedia workstations supported by powerful central servers and a Digital Systems laboratory, the Department of Computer Science has an extensive range of equipment used primarily for research, which is available to final year students who choose to undertake projects in these research areas. These include industrial robots, experimental mobile robots, a number of vision and motion tracking systems and many pieces of specialist software such as virtual reality environments. 

The Welsh element of this degree scheme for beginners will give you the expertise and confidence not only to become fluent as a speaker, reader and writer of Welsh but to progress to graduate in this element of your degree at the same level as native speakers.

By studying with us, you will be part of the oldest and largest of Wales’s Welsh Departments. The Department’s active community of students and researchers share a vision: to promote a wider understanding of the Welsh language and the other Celtic languages, their history, their literature and their place in the modern world. The breadth of experience and expertise of our staff means that we can offer a wide range of engaging courses that will also prepare you for a rewarding career. You will be taught in small friendly groups by experts in their field. 

A degree with Welsh from Aberystwyth, taught by staff with a record of excellence in research, opens doors to graduates. It will prepare you to play a full role in modern Wales by providing you with the linguistic, creative and problem-solving skills to be a serious candidate for a huge range of professions. Our courses are tailored to be attractive, interesting and relevant to understanding Wales and the wider world through the medium of Welsh. During your time with us, you will be able to choose from a large and growing range of modules and play an active part in a thriving department.

Ein Staff

Mae gan bron bob un o ddarlithwyr a chymrodyr dysgu’r Adran Cyfrifiadureg gymwysterau hyd at safon PhD, ac mae gan y gweddill brofiad helaeth ym maes ymchwil neu ddiwydiant. Mae'n rhaid i bob darlithydd a chymrawd dysgu newydd ennill cymhwyster TUAAU, ac felly maent yn Gymrodyr Uwch neu'n Gymrodyr o'r Academi Addysg Uwch. Mae'r adran hefyd yn cyflogi nifer o staff arddangos a thiwtoriaid rhan amser a rhai arddangoswyr sy'n fyfyrwyr, wedi’u dewis o blith ein hisraddedigion a'n huwchraddedigion.  Mae ein cymrodyr ymchwil a'n cynorthwywyr ymchwil (y rhan fwyaf ohonynt â gradd PhD) hefyd yn gwneud rhywfaint o waith dysgu o bryd i'w gilydd pan fo hynny'n briodol.

Mae holl staff academaidd Adran y Gymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd yn ysgolheigion sy'n gwneud gwaith ymchwil ac yn arbenigwyr yn eu dewis feysydd astudio, gan gynnwys astudiaethau iaith a llenyddiaeth yn ogystal ag ysgrifennu creadigol.


Noder: Y modiwlau a restrir isod yw'r modiwlau y bwriedir eu cyflwyno ar hyn o bryd yn ystod y flwyddyn academaidd nesaf ac mae'n bosibl y gallant newid. Maent wedi'u cynnwys yma i roi syniad o strwythur y cwrs.


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Beginning Modern Welsh 1 WE11220 20
Cyflwyniad I Raglennu * CC12020 20
Beginning Welsh Ii WE11320 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Introduction To Computer Infrastructure CS10220 20
Introduction To Welsh Literature WE11420 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cwrs Cymraeg Llafar CY13020 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Dafydd Ap Gwilym A'i Gyfoeswyr CY33220 20
Pedair Cainc Y Mabinogi CY30620 20
Barddoniaeth Gymraeg Ddiweddar (1979-) CY35220 20
Golwg Ar Ferched Mewn Llenyddiaeth Hyd Tua 1500 CY31320 20
Y Cynfeirdd Diweddar CY33120 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Trafod Y Byd Cyfoes Trwy'r Gymraeg CY11620 20
Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg: Cyfoes A Hanesyddol CY11520 20
Ysgrifennu Cymraeg Graenus CY11720 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Hanes A Hanfodion Beirniadaeth Lenyddol CY32520 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cymraeg Llyfr A Chymraeg Llafar CY21420 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Gloywi Iaith Yr Ail Iaith CY31120 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Hanes A Hanfodion Beirniadaeth Lenyddol CY32520 20



A degree in Computer Science and Welsh will be particularly valuable in public-facing employment situations in Wales. The Computer Science component will prepare you for a variety of careers in software design, communications and networking, computer applications, web development, IT consultancy and management, systems analysis and development, computer sales and marketing. The Welsh component will prepare you for careers across the private and public sectors, in teaching, administration, the media and publishing, social work, law and tourism. Welsh-language legislation and the establishment of a Welsh Parliament have led to a growing demand for civil servants with a good grasp of the language, and translators. A degree in Welsh from Aberystwyth is a sign of high-level achievement and there is an impressive demand for our graduates in a range of professions.

Transferable Skills 

Studying for a degree in Computer Science and Welsh will equip you with a range of transferable skills which are highly valued by employers. These include: 

 • research and data analysis skills 

 • enhanced mathematical and computational skills 

 • effective problem-solving and creative thinking skills 

 • the facility to deal with abstract concepts 

 • a thorough grounding in information technology skills 

 • the ability to work independently 

 • time-management and organisational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines 

• the ability to express ideas and communicate information in a clear and structured manner, in both written and oral form 

• self-motivation and self-reliance 

• team-working, with the ability to discuss concepts in groups, accommodating different ideas and reaching agreement 

Year in Employment scheme (YES) 

The University operates a Year in Employment Scheme (YES), which offers you a fantastic opportunity to take a year out between your second and third year to work in an organisation in the UK or overseas. YES provides a very rewarding and worthwhile experience, both personally and professionally, and can help you to stand out from the crowd in a very competitive job market. The University’s Career Service will help you to explore your options and secure a suitable work placement. The University regularly receives enquiries from employers seeking Welsh-speaking YES students. 

GO Wales

GO Wales is administered by the University’s Career Service, working with local businesses to create paid work placements of a few weeks’ duration for students. It gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience which will enhance your CV and make you more attractive to potential employers. Personal Development Plan You will also have the opportunity to complete a 

Personal Development Plan (PDP) at Aberystwyth. 

This is a structured process of self-appraisal, reflection, and planning, which will enable you to chart your personal, academic and professional development throughout your time at university. By recording your academic performance, and highlighting the skills you already have and those you will need for future employability, the PDP portfolio will equip you with the necessary tools to plan effectively, develop successful approaches to study, and consider your future career options and aspirations.

Addysg a Dysgu

Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

A dual focus on teaching and research creates a vibrant, welcoming environment in which to study. Teaching is delivered through lectures and practical studies, supplemented by smaller tutorials, and assessment is made through both coursework and examination. The staff are friendly and approachable, and committed to equipping you with the skills needed for success during and after your studies. 

Your personal tutor 

Throughout your time in Aberystwyth, you will have the chance to meet regularly with a personal tutor in each department, who can provide assistance with any difficulties you might have with the degree or with university life.

Gofynion Mynediad Nodweddiadol

Tariff UCAS 104 - 120

Lefel A BBB-BCC with evidence of linguistic ability

Gofynion TGAU (o leiaf gradd C/4):
English or Welsh and Mathematics

Diploma Cenedlaethol BTEC:

Bagloriaeth Ryngwladol:

Bagloriaeth Ewropeaidd:
75%-65% overall

Mae’r Brifysgol yn croesawu ceisiadau gan fyfyrwyr sy’n astudio am Ddiploma Mynediad i Addysg Uwch. Mae ein polisi derbyn cynhwysol yn rhoi gwerth ar ehangder yn ogystal â dyfnder astudio. Dewisir ymgeiswyr ar sail eu teilyngdod eu hunain, a gall cynigion amrywio. Os ydych yn astudio am gymhwyster nad yw wedi’i restru ar y dudalen hon, cysylltwch â’r Swyddfa Derbyn Israddedigion i gael cyngor pellach. Mae manylion am gymwysterau gwahanol wledydd a dderbynnir yn y Brifysgol i’w gweld ar ein tudalennau gwlad-benodol i gael manylion am y cymwysterau rhyngwladol yr ydym yn eu derbyn. I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch ag

Yn ôl i'r brig