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BSc Astudiaethau Gwybodaeth a Llyfrgellyddiaeth Cod P110D Diwrnodau Ymweld i Ymgeiswyr Diwrnodau Ymweld i Ymgeiswyr

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Cod P110D
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This degree is offered by DISTANCE LEARNING.  You can learn more about this mode of study from this link: 

This programme acknowledges the value of work-based experience of library and information staff who are working in ‘para-professional’ posts. It was designed specifically to enable these staff to progress towards a professional qualification. The programme is structured to encourage ‘non-traditional’ students into higher education and to give them the academic and pastoral support they need in order to succeed.

You can combine your wealth of practical experience with the latest theoretical knowledge across a broad spectrum of related subject areas. The programme equips you with the skills and knowledge to organise, handle, and retrieve information within the context of today's society, and prepares you for managing information sources and services.

The objectives of the degree scheme are twofold:

  • to provide access to a professional qualification for those with an appropriate level of work-based experience who face barriers to entering traditional education, such as work or family commitments and geographical location
  • to allow for flexible progression, enabling you to work in your own time, at your own pace and place, and to relate your learning to the workplace.

This course boasts an accreditation by CILIP the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

Bodlonrwydd Myfyrwyr Cyffredinol a Chanlyniadau Cyflogadwyedd


This programme is divided into Part 1 (120 credits, equivalent to the first year of full time study) and Part 2 (240 credits, equivalent to the second and third years of full time study). Diploma students will exit on completion of 120 Part 2 credits.

By virtue of being accepted onto this programme, all students are awarded the 120 credits equivalent to Part 1. This award is known as Accredited Prior Learning (APL) and Accredited Prior Experiential Learning (APEL), and gives recognition for your previous qualifications and experience.

To complete the Diploma you need to:

  • successfully complete 120 credits, including designated modules, and attend two compulsory study schools

To complete the Degree you need to:

  • successfully complete 240 credits, including designated modules, and attend three compulsory study schools

Approximately 80% of the degree course is composed of designated (i.e. compulsory or core) modules, including a 30 credit dissertation. The remainder of the course is composed of your choice of option modules. You are able to progress at your own pace, taking between 2 to 5 years to complete 120 credits for the Diploma, or 3 to 5 years to complete the total of 240 credits required for the Degree. This means that you will need to spend an average of 8 to 15 hours a week studying, depending on how quickly you plan to complete your course.

Study schools

Study schools are a compulsory part of this programme. They provide an opportunity to meet with staff and other students, and introduce practical elements of the course, such as ICT, study skills, seminars and tutorials. Academic staff introduce students to the modules that they will study when away from Aberystwyth. Examinations are also held during study schools. The study schools normally take place at Aberystwyth every spring(March or April), at the beginning of the first, second and third years of study.

Entry Requirements

The admissions requirements for this programme are as follows:

  • You are currently employed in an information or library environment
  • You are able to demonstrate your academic capability to undertake the course
  • You have access to a computer with CD-ROM and Internet facilities, and have basic ICT skills

Non-native English speakers are required to take a University recognised test of academic English language proficiency. Requirements of which can be found on the English Language Requirements page.

Applicants who have successfully undertaken a Bachelors degree in a UK University are exempt from this requirement.

Admissions tutors base the criteria for admission on a combination of relevant work experience and academic capability, sufficient for direct entry to Part 2 (year 2) of the programme.

Research Excellence

The university has a proud tradition of research excellence, as demonstrated in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (2014) assessment. It placed the university in the top 50 institutions for research power and intensity. It submitted 77% of eligible staff and 95% of the university's research was of an internationally recognised standard.

If you are unsure whether you fulfil the admissions criteria, please contact the Department’s Admissions Team ( or the Open Learning Unit (, where staff will be able to offer you further advice.

Ein Staff

Mae gan ddarlithwyr yr Adran Rheoli Gwybodaeth, Llyfrgelloedd ac Archifau naill ai gymwysterau hyd at safon PhD neu maent yn gweithio mewn agweddau ar y pwnc lle mae'r pwyslais ar ymarfer proffesiynol.  Mae llawer o'r staff yn gwneud ymchwil sy'n berthnasol i ddatblygiad damcaniaethol ac ymarferol y ddisgyblaeth a'r proffesiynau cysylltiedig.


Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Collection Management DS31020 20
Developing Academic and Reflective Skills DS24310 10
Dissertation DS31530 30
Human Communication DS24110 10
Information Literacy DS34020 20
Information Retrieval DS31620 20
Information Sources DS30210 10
Information and Society DS36020 20
Management of Organisations DS36520 20
Marketing of Services DS32620 20
Research Methodology DS33320 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Advanced Rare Books Librarianship DS36310 10
Archive Management: Principles and Techniques DS34520 20
Digital Information: Discovery to Delivery DS35010 10
Focus on the Child:Reading and Libraries DS30810 10
Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship DS36210 10
Knowledge and Information Architecture DS35720 20
Web Publishing : Websites, Blogs and Wikis DS35620 20

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Mae’r Brifysgol yn croesawu ceisiadau gan fyfyrwyr sy’n astudio am Ddiploma Mynediad i Addysg Uwch. Mae ein polisi derbyn cynhwysol yn rhoi gwerth ar ehangder yn ogystal â dyfnder astudio. Dewisir ymgeiswyr ar sail eu teilyngdod eu hunain, a gall cynigion amrywio. Os ydych yn astudio am gymhwyster nad yw wedi’i restru ar y dudalen hon, cysylltwch â’r Swyddfa Derbyn Israddedigion i gael cyngor pellach. Mae manylion am gymwysterau gwahanol wledydd a dderbynnir yn y Brifysgol i’w gweld ar ein tudalennau gwlad-benodol i gael manylion am y cymwysterau rhyngwladol yr ydym yn eu derbyn. I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch ag

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