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Cod M1M9
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Manylion pellach ynglŷn â'r gofynion mynediad

Ymgeisio Nawr

Gwybodaeth ar gyfer mynediad ym mis Medi 2019 sydd ar y dudalen hon. I weld gwybodaeth am 2020, gan gynnwys y graddau gofynnol, edrychwch yn ein prosbectws.

This course is perfect for anyone ambitious for a law career in the 21st Century. This challenging and stimulating course will introduce you to the basics of Law alongside Criminology modules which introduce theories and debates relating to crime, deviance, victimhood, law and punishment. This degree is taught in the oldest and most well-regarded Law Department in Wales.

You will benefit from the experience and the enthusiasm of our expert staff, many of whom have also practiced as barristers, solicitors, thus providing a practical application to your theoretical studies. On completion of this degree, you will emerge with real-world capabilities, enabling you to shape your future and develop the career you deserve. 

Bodlonrwydd Myfyrwyr Cyffredinol a Chanlyniadau Cyflogadwyedd

Ymhlith y 10 uchaf yn y DU am Brofiad Myfyrwyr ym maes y Gyfraith (Canllaw Prifysgolion Da y 'Times' a'r 'Sunday Times' 2019).

90% boddhad cyffredinol i Adran y Gyfraith a Throseddeg. (ACF 2019)


Why study Law & Criminology at Aberystwyth University?

  • This 21st century BA Law and Criminology Degree encompasses a range of traditional and contemporary legal subjects and will deliver the skills and competences which will make you ‘career ready’ and to enhance your employability in a legal context.
  • A degree from a top 4 UK University and 1st in the UK for student satisfaction (NSS 2016).
  • Taught by professionals who are active for large organisations e.g. GRETA, the Country Side Commission for Wales, the Youth Justice Board, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Excellent social and professional opportunities, visits to Law fairs and Inns of Court in London.
  • Option to participate in our national and international competing Mooting Society, in order to develop your key advocacy and litigation skills. We also offer a Welsh medium Mooting competition for students who wish to moot through the medium of Welsh .
Ein Staff

Mae gan staff Adran y Gyfraith a Throseddeg gan mwyaf naill ai gymwysterau hyd at safon PhD neu mae ganddynt brofiad proffesiynol a chymwysterau fel cyfreithwyr wrth eu gwaith. Mae gan lawer o'r staff hefyd gymhwyster dysgu uwchraddedig (Addysg Uwch).


Noder: Y modiwlau a restrir isod yw'r modiwlau y bwriedir eu cyflwyno ar hyn o bryd yn ystod y flwyddyn academaidd nesaf ac mae'n bosibl y gallant newid. Maent wedi'u cynnwys yma i roi syniad o strwythur y cwrs.


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cyflwyniad I Droseddeg CT12220 20
Sgiliau Ac Ymchwil Cyfreithiol CT10420 20
System Cyfreithiol A Chyfiawnder Troseddol CT10120 20
Cyfraith Camwedd CT11120 20
Rheoli Ac Atal Troseddu CT10320 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Introduction To Criminology LC12220 20
Legal And Criminal Justice Systems LC10120 20
Legal Skills And Research LC10420 20
Contract Law LC13820 20
Crime Control And Prevention LC10320 20
Cyfraith Cytundebau CT13820 20
Tort LC11120 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cyfraith Gyhoeddus CT20620 20
Cyfraith Ewrop CT20720 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cyflwyniad I Droseddeg CT22220 20
Sgiliau Ymchwil Troseddeg 2 CT25120 20
Yr Heddlu, Plismona A'r Gymdeithas CT21020 20
Lleoliad Gwaith Cyfiawnder Troseddol CT22520 20
Trosedd A Chosb O Safbwynt Hanesyddol CT23020 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Public Law LC20620 20
European Law LC20720 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Commercial Law LC26220 20
Contemporary Issues In Criminology LC24220 20
Crime & Punishment In Historical Perspective LC23020 20
Criminal Justice And The Penal System LC26320 20
Criminal Justice Placement LC22520 20
Criminology Research Skills 2 LC25120 20
Critical Perspectives On Imprisonment LC22020 20
Drugs And Crime LC28220 20
Environmental Law LC27720 20
Family And Child Law LC26420 20
Human Rights LC25220 20
Introduction To Criminology LC22220 20
Labour Law LC26820 20
Medicine Ethics And The Law LC26720 20
Police, Policing And Society LC21020 20
Principles Of Evidence LC26520 20
Psychological Explanations Of Criminal Behaviour LC28120 20
Psychology And Crime LC24020 20
Sports Law And Society LC27920 20
Treatment And Rehabilitaiton Of Offenders LC29120 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Ecwiti A Chyfraith Ymddiriedolaethau CT34920 20
Cyfraith Tir CT34820 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cyfraith A Pholisi Cymru CT32120 20
Sgiliau Cyflogadwyedd Ar Gyfer Gweithwyr Proffesiynol CT36620 20
Cyflwyniad I Droseddeg CT32220 20
Lleoliad Gwaith Cyfiawnder Troseddol CT32520 20
Traethawd Estynedig Empeiraidd Troseddeg CT30140 40
Traethawd Estynedig Y Gyfraith A Throseddeg CT39020 20
Trosedd A Chosb O Safbwynt Hanesyddol CT33020 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Equity And Trusts LC34920 20
Criminal Law LC30520 20
Cyfraith Troseddol CT30520 20
Land Law LC34820 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Commercial Law LC36220 20
Company Law LC37220 20
Contemporary Issues In Criminology LC34220 20
Crime And Punishment In Historical Perspective LC33020 20
Criminal Justice And The Penal System LC36320 20
Criminal Justice Placement LC32520 20
Critical And Radical Criminology LC37120 20
Critical Perspectives On Imprisonment LC32020 20
Drugs And Crime LC38220 20
Empirically Based Criminology Dissertation LC30140 40
Employability Skills For Professionals LC36620 20
Environmental Law LC37720 20
Family And Child Law LC36420 20
Human Rights LC35220 20
International Law LC36920 20
Introduction To Civil Law And Comparative Law LC30920 20
Introduction To Criminology LC32220 20
Labour Law LC36820 20
Law And Criminology Dissertation LC39020 20
Medicine Ethics And The Law LC36720 20
Police, Policing And Society LC31020 20
Principles Of Evidence LC36520 20
Psychological Explanations Of Criminal Behaviour LC38120 20
Psychology And Crime LC34020 20
Sports Law And Society LC37920 20
Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Offenders LC39120 20
Troseddeg Feirniadol A Radical CT37120 20
Yr Heddlu, Plismona A'r Gymdeithas CT31020 20


Your BA in Law with Criminology opens up a range of exciting opportunities for you. You will become a strong candidate for barrister and solicitor training. You will have acquired a grounding in criminological skills and methodologies.

Your future is important to us and our degrees will equip you with the following:

  • Possess the confidence in selecting and deploying the most appropriate range of legal methodologies.
  • Ability to write and communicate with a range of audiences, evaluating and organizing information.
  • Ability to gather, assimilate and interpret a wealth of legal information quickly and accurately.
  • The ability to express ideas and communicate information in a clear and structured manner, in both written and oral form
  • Effective problem-solving and creative thinking skills.
  • The ability to work independently.
  • Time-management and organisational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Self-motivation and self-reliance.
  • Team-working, with the ability to discuss concepts in groups, accommodating different ideas and reaching agreement.
  • Research skills.

What opportunities are there as a student at Aberystwyth Law School?

Click here to find out about the various opportunities that our Aberystwyth University Careers team offer. 

Enhance your employability prospects with GO Wales and YES (Year in Employment Scheme) managed by our Careers department. 

Addysg a Dysgu

What will I learn?

The breakdown below will provide you with an illustration of what you may study during the three year degree scheme.

In the first year:

  • You may receive core training in a number of subjects e.g. Contract law and Tort Law, which must be studied and passed for exemption from the first stage of professional law examinations.
  • Explore the structure and development of the English and Welsh Legal system.
  • The relationship of the judicial precedent and the court system.
  • Analyse the process of creating legislation and how its interpreted by judges.
  • Learn how to read, analyse and criticise readings in Criminology.
  • Explain the main criminological theories.

The Second Year and Third Year you may be introduced to:

  • EU Law.
  • Public Law.
  • Equity and the Law of Trusts.
  • Land Law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • You will also be able to tailor your study through careful selection from a range of elective Criminology modules.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials and seminars which are innovating and high quality allowing you to realise your potential.

In your lectures, you will be introduced to key concepts and relevant up to date information. You will also have access to recorded versions of lectures.

Our tutorials and seminars are an opportunity for you to discuss particular legal themes or topics, to evaluate and obtain feedback on your individual learning whilst at the same time improving your construction of legal arguments. 

You will be assessed through essays, exams, study logs or portfolios and oral presentations including mooting exercises.

You will be assigned a personal tutor throughout your time at the Aberystwyth Law School. Your personal tutor will be the key contact when you have issues or queries.

You will also have the opportunity to complete a Personal Development Plan (PDP) at Aberystwyth. This is a structured process of self-appraisal, reflection, and planning, which will enable you to chart your personal, academic and professional development throughout your time at university. By recording your academic performance, and highlighting the skills you already have and those you will need for future employability, the PDP portfolio will equip you with the necessary tools to plan effectively, develop successful approaches to study, and consider your future career options and aspirations.

Barn ein Myfyrwyr

By learning about the development of law parallel to the development of criminal behaviour, and how criminals are viewed and treated by society, it forces the mind to think of innovative methods of controlling crime, both with the interpretation of law as well as treatment and rehabilitation techniques. While law alone can narrow one's way of thinking about crime, criminology can reopen the mind to think outside of the box and vice versa. Law and criminology – two sides of the same coin that rarely see eye to eye, but can help you to see a third way! David Coleman

Gofynion Mynediad Nodweddiadol

Lefel A BBB

Gofynion TGAU (grade C min):
English or Welsh, Mathematics

Diploma Cenedlaethol BTEC:

Bagloriaeth Ryngwladol:
30 points overall

Bagloriaeth Ewropeaidd:
70-75% overall

Mae'r Brifysgol yn gweithredu polisi derbyn cynhwysol a gall ein cynigion amrywio. Edrychwch ar ein tudalennau gwlad-benodol i gael manylion am y cymwysterau rhyngwladol yr ydym yn eu derbyn. I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch ag

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