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Ymgeisio Nawr

Prif Ffeithiau

Cod Q522
  • Cynnig lefel-A nodweddiadol

    BCC with evidence of linguistic ability

  • Hyd y Cwrs

    4 blwyddyn

  • Cyfrwng Cymraeg


Manylion pellach ynglŷn â'r gofynion mynediad

Ymgeisio Nawr

If you're a beginner in the Welsh language and would like to become fluent as a speaker, reader and writer of Welsh, then this four year BA in Welsh at Aberystwyth University is for you. This degree is engineered around you. Your first year will involve intense language classes which will include listening, reading, writing and oral. After your second year, you will be able to progress and be part of the an active community of students and researchers who share one vision: to promote a wider understanding of the Welsh language and other Celtic languages, their history, their literature and their place in the modern World.  The breadth of experience and expertise of our staff means that we can offer a wide range of engaging courses that will also prepare you for a rewarding career. You will be taught in small friendly groups by experts in their field. 

Bodlonrwydd Myfyrwyr Cyffredinol a Chanlyniadau Cyflogadwyedd

Ymhlith y 5 uchaf yn y DU ym maes Astudiaethau Celtaidd (Canllaw Prifysgolion Da y 'Times' a'r 'Sunday Times' 2019).

100% boddhad cyffredinol i Adran y Gymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd (ACF 2019)

100% o’n graddedigion mewn gwaith a/neu astudiaethau pellach o fewn chwe mis ar ôl graddio, 7% yn uwch na graddedigion Cymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd yn genedlaethol. (HESA 2018*)


Why study Welsh in Aberystwyth? 

  • You will be studying in one of the oldest Welsh departments in Wales and the UK. 
  • A degree in Welsh will open many doors to exciting opportunities for you. 
  • In the recent student satisfaction survey, 100% of our students were satisfied with their course (NSS, 2016). 
  • Flourish with our vibrant, exciting Welsh community here at Aberystwyth. Not only do we have a Students Union, but UMCA (Undeb Myfyrwr Cymraeg Aberystwyth) host many events and societies for those who wish to part of the welsh community. 
  • The National Library of Wales is a stone throw away from our Penglais Campus. It is one of a kind in Wales, allowing students unlimited access to its rare collection of literature. 
  • Within the department of Welsh and Celtic studies, you will have large options of stimulating modules to choose from such as creative writing, professional welsh, translation, Welsh in the media, Welsh Literature, Folk Welsh and many more. 
  • Students can explore studying in another country under the Erasmus + or the International Exchange programme. 
Ein Staff

Mae holl staff academaidd Adran y Gymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd yn ysgolheigion sy'n gwneud gwaith ymchwil ac yn arbenigwyr yn eu dewis feysydd astudio, gan gynnwys astudiaethau iaith a llenyddiaeth yn ogystal ag ysgrifennu creadigol.


Noder: Y modiwlau a restrir isod yw'r modiwlau y bwriedir eu cyflwyno ar hyn o bryd yn ystod y flwyddyn academaidd nesaf ac mae'n bosibl y gallant newid. Maent wedi'u cynnwys yma i roi syniad o strwythur y cwrs.


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Beginning Modern Welsh 1 WE11220 20
Beginning Welsh ii WE11320 20
Fe'i cyflwynir yn rhannol neu'n gyflawn drwy gyfrwng yn Saesneg


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Introduction to Welsh Literature WE11420 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cwrs Cymraeg Llafar CY13020 20
Trafod y Byd Cyfoes trwy'r Gymraeg * CY11620 20
Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg: cyfoes a hanesyddol CY11520 20
Ysgrifennu Cymraeg Graenus CY11720 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Cymraeg y Gweithle Proffesiynol CY20520 20
Cymraeg Llyfr a Chymraeg Llafar CY21420 20


Teitl y Modiwl Cod y Modiwl Gwerth Credyd
Gloywi Iaith yr Ail Iaith * CY31120 20


Career Prospects 

Employers consistently tell us that a degree in Welsh from Aberystwyth is a sign of high-level achievement, and evidence shows that there is an impressive demand for our graduates in a range of professions. 

In the 2015 DHLE report, 100% of our graduates were in employment or further education six months after graduating. 

 Our graduates are employed across the private and public sectors in areas such as: 

  • Teaching
  • Administration 
  • The media and publishing 
  • Social Work
  • Law
  • Tourism 
  • The Police

The Welsh-Language legislation and the establishment of a Welsh Parliament have led to a growing demand for civil servants with a good grasp of the language. 

Transferable Skills 

Studying for as degree in Welsh will provide you with a wealth of transferable skills which are particularly valued by employer. These include: 

  • research and data analysis 
  • creative and effective problem solving
  • the ability to work independently 
  • time management, including the ability to meet tight deadlines  
  • the ability to articulate and convey information clearly and concisely orally and on paper 
  • self-motivation and self-reliance 
  • the ability to work in a team, discuss concepts in groups and reach compromises 
  • IT skills

What work experience opportunities exist whilst studying? 

Click here to find out about the various opportunities that our Aberystwyth University Careers team offer.

Enhance your employability prospects with GO Wales and YES (Year in Employment Scheme) managed by our Careers department. 

Addysg a Dysgu

What will I learn? 

Below is an example of what you may learn during your three year degree programme.

In your first year, you may: 

  • commence our intense language modules which will include: speaking, reading and writing
  • An introduction to Welsh Literature (with some works read in translation)

In your second and third year:

  • You will concentrate on improving your written Welsh. 
  • You will join other students in the department for a thorough grounding in literature. 
  • You will discover Welsh Culture, social history and its institutions. 
  • By your third year, you will be studying alongside first language students and will be equipped to follow the full Honours course. 

How will you be taught? 

Teaching in the Welsh Department happens through a combination of lectures, seminars and individual tutorials. The atmosphere in seminars is more informal, in order to foster open discussion. Students’ work is assessed through exams, continuous assessment and through marks awarded for essays and exercises. 

Personal Tutor 

You will be assigned a personal tutor for the duration of your degree course, who can help you with any academic or personal issues. You are welcome to contact your personal tutor at any time if you need assistance.

Gofynion Mynediad Nodweddiadol

Lefel A BCC with evidence of linguistic ability

Gofynion TGAU (grade C min):
English or Welsh

Diploma Cenedlaethol BTEC:
MMM-DMM with evidence of linguistic ability

Bagloriaeth Ryngwladol:
28 points overall with evidence of linguistic ability

Bagloriaeth Ewropeaidd:
65% overall with evidence of linguistic ability

Mae'r Brifysgol yn gweithredu polisi derbyn cynhwysol a gall ein cynigion amrywio. Edrychwch ar ein tudalennau gwlad-benodol i gael manylion am y cymwysterau rhyngwladol yr ydym yn eu derbyn. I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch ag

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