Gwyddorau Biolegol

Rydych chi'n edrych ar y cwrs hwn ar gyfer Dechrau Medi 2024

Gofynion Mynediad Nodweddiadol

Gofynion Mynediad 2:1 Bachelors (Honours) degree in a relevant subject area or equivalent. Subject to agreement with project supervisor.

Gofynion Iaith Saesneg IELTS 6.5 gydag o leiaf 5.5 ym mhob cydran, neu gyfatebol

Gofynion Eraill Dylai ymgeiswyr gyflwyno cynnig ymchwil llawn yn rhan o'r broses ymgeisio

Yn ôl i'r brig

Ffioedd a Chyllid

Topics for Research Degrees

Topics for research degrees can be selected from any of the areas of research within the Institute, of which a small selection is shown below.

  • Animal Science and Production (with special emphasis on sheep, beef and dairy cattle)
  • Equine Science (with special emphasis on behaviour, nutrition and reproduction)
  • Crop, Science and Production (including arable, grassland and forage crops)
  • Ecology
  • Rural Business Management and Economics
  • Rural, Environmental and Agricultural Policy (relevant to developed or developing countries)
  • Regional and Rural Economics
  • Environmental Economics and Valuation
  • Rural Resource and Countryside Management
  • Rural Tourism and Recreation
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Landscape Systems and Policy
  • Crop Genetics, Genomics and Breeding
  • Bio-renewables and Environmental Change
  • Evolution, Co-evolution and Adaptation
  • Animal and Microbial Sciences

Major Funders & Links with Industry

Please visit our School's Research & Enterprise page for information regarding our staff, areas of interest, facilities and other information.

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